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This is the place I have compiled tons of info on the stock engine.  This info is for use in creating new parts, adding your own mods, and more.  If you have anything that I forgot just let me know.











IDI specs and facts

idi performance informantion

Professional security

Please use this section at your own risk!  This section has information on how to make power with the IDI.  Severe injury to your Dodge buddies ego may result.



Please feel free to browse and enjoy the site. I created this site to help aid the community with the common misconceptions that are abound in the world of the Ford IDI.  

Remember any tech articles are what I have done. You may have different experiences with any swap or modifacation.  If you do need some help, notice i made a mistake, or would like to add your experience with any mod, please contact me.  You can reach me on OBN, TDS, FTE, Pirate 4x4, and probally more at the user name 88 beast.

Any and all information here that is used for factual information is only what I have compiled and may or may not be correct for your application. Again, if you wish to add let me know and i will update.